Chat with Stuart Land – our producer / writer / director – พูดคุยกับสจ๊วต แลนด์ – ผู้เขียนบท ผู้ดำเนินการผลิต และผู้กำกับ

Stuart Land

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Hi. I’m Stuart Land, the writer/producer/director of NIGHT KILL. The short answer to why I wrote Night Kill is that after writing 18 screenplays, and 8 novels, I felt like it was time I followed through to realize what was in my mind as it would appear on the silver screen.

I wrote a Thai horror movie because I live in Thailand, I love the culture and her people, and felt like I could showcase, not only my talents, but the community of Thai actors, and people from different cultures who reside here alongside the Thais. This dream is coming to fruition as we build our cast and crew.

You are welcome to ask me anything that has to do with this movie, the other movies I’ve worked on, or novel and screenplay writing. If I’m online, I’ll answer quickly, but if not, I’ll respond when I’m able. Thanks for dropping by.