1st Frame Grabs from Night Kill Trailer – เฟรมแกร็บชิ้นแรก เทคนิคแปลงสัญญาณภาพจาก ภาพยนตร์ ไนท์คิลล์

I’m excited to show everyone the first frame grabs from the Night Kill trailer. These represent how we aim to have the finished trailer look.

NIGHT KILL by Stuart Land

Right now, the trailer is in the hands of our visual effect artist, Nipan, and our composer, Andreas Kuhlmann, is applying the score. When the effects are done, the film will be off to the renown colorist, John Burkhart, to work his magic.

As you can see, the actors did an exceptional job. I can’t praise all of them enough. Everyone was super professional and gave 110 %, and more! I hope you enjoy these images, and I can’t wait to show you them moving. Please leave a comment and invite your friends t drop on by.

(Clicking on the images enlarges them.)

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