ABOUT NIGHT KILL – เกี่ยวกับไนท์คิลล์

NIGHT KILL is a cross-over Thai horror-thriller film written by me, Stuart Land, currently in pre-production. The cast is all Thai, whereas the crew is international.

LOGLINE: Newlyweds on a honeymoon road trip accidentally kill someone, but their attempt to cover it up triggers an escalating array of deadly supernatural events, forcing the bride to confront her hidden past and become someone she never imagined in order to save herself and her new husband.

Poster created by Karol Lasia. Photograph of Andear by Albeto Cosi.

NIGHT KILL- movie posterDescription

Night Kill is a crossover supernatural thriller screenplay that will be shot in Thailand with all Thai actors and spoken in the Thai language. I wrote the script in English and it was translated into Thai. My English subtitles will reflect the Thai, but not be verbatim, as they would make no sense in reverse translation. Crossover refers to a film with the sensibilities from one culture that will be recognizable and endearing to other cultures.

Most of the site is public. There will be snippets of original music, peeks at the script, outtakes, and behind the scenes action, plus views into the inner lives of cast and crew. To receive updates and access to special pages, please subscribe to our mailing list (left sidebar). Come join us and become part of our adventure as we create a high-end movie with a low-end budget.

Post any questions, suggestions, comments, or just say hey! Information about me, the cast and crew are on their indicated pages.

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Stuart Land – writer/producer/director

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