BEHIND THE SCENES / เบื้องหลังการถ่ายทำ

Welcome on our pictorial journey of photos and videos while we create the movie, NIGHT KILL. Hopefully, you will be entertained by the antics, trials and tribulations, love and sorrow of movie-making. We will continually update this page.

PHOTOS are on this page. VIDEOS  are here.

Below are the behind the scene photos of the four-plus day Trailer Production Shoot. Day One was a 16 hour day. Ryan Libre of Documentary Arts joined us and took most of the photos and videos. We started in the early morning at a waterfall, then on to ancient ruins, and spent the rest of the day and night at a resort, where we did everything but relax.

DAY ONE (morning)

DAY ONE (afternoon)

DAY ONE (night)

This was an eight-hour day that started with a photo shoot for the movie poster, then went on location in the countryside for a night shoot involving a drone, murder, and mayhem. The day was so intense, we hardly had time to shoot any photos. As they come in, I will post them.

We manged this day in ten hours. We began i the afternoon with Andear, again, shooting at the resort. then we rushed over to the blue-screen location and filmed the interior car shots. From there, it was on to the hotel to shoot the opening scene of the movie. Finally, we ended the night at the Famous, Skill Barber, to shoot a scene with their hip-hop crew.

On an earlier night we shot the KIDNAPPED GIRLS scene at the famous Skill Barber in Chiang Mai.

Below are some peeks behind the scenes of other shoots.

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