Amnaj Tandee – PA

Amnaj-Tandee-profileAmnaj is our PA (production assistant) on Night Kill.

I have a bachelor degree of business. When I was studying, there came an opportunity to discover myself. The English teacher assigned me and my classmate to make a short conversation clip. I took the whole responsibility during the project: writing the script, directing, shooting, and editing the clip. Finally, I found that my passion was for making movies! Being part of a movie crew is absolutely me, not being a businessman. Since then, I began learning from Google, Youtube, and people around me. I bought my first DSLR camera, capable of shooting high-definition VDO, with my own efforts. Since then, I’ve never stop learning new things and improving my skills. I work for a lot of people photo shooting, VDO making, MV shooting, etc. I work hard, but enjoy life!

Nowadays, I’m a photographer for a magazine and a freelancer available for any kind of photo shooting and VDO shooting production. I love learning new things and don’t want to miss an opportunity to improve my skills. Thank you to all the Night Kill staff for giving me this opportunity to work with you. I really appreciate your kindness.

(And we appreciate your enthusiasm and kind heart, Amnaj.)

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