Siriyapan “Ehh” Chaimongkol

Night Kill - Ehh's faceSiriyapan “Ehh” Chaimongkol is a hair and makeup artist who was first trained at a hair design school in Chiang Mai. She graduated in 2007, and began her professional career as an apprentice, working for one of her instructors who had owned and operated a salon offering a dynamic array of beauty and personal care related services. Before entering the beauty profession, Ehh graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at CRRU – Chiang Rai Rajabhat University with a degree in English, Class of 2005.

Siri branched out seven years ago and launched her own salon, Des Cheveux Hair Salon, which provides beauty related services to men and women, both Thai and Westerner. As part of her hair salon services, Siri also does hair and makeup styling for many occasions such as graduation ceremonies, fashion modeling, as well as for a Chiang Mai based high quality wedding photography studio catering primarily to international clients.

While Siri’s services are wide ranging, she is highly focused on individualized customer service, and she relishes in making people look and feel good in ways that are personal to them.

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