Andreas Kuhlmann – bio

Andreas Kuhlmann - composer

Andreas Kuhlmann – composer

Andreas Kuhlmann has the knack for special sounds. As a composer he has already created music for documentaries, docu-dramas and feature films. Quite early in life, he was fascinated by everything that made beautiful sounds.

Born in October 1959, Andreas’s musical experiences arose at an early age while playing piano with his great-aunts. As his enthusiasm for music grew, he began private piano lessons, which was soon followed by lessons on the cello, electric bass, and other instruments. After primary school was finished, Andreas quickly decided to sit the entrance examination at the Academy of Music, which he easily passed, and chose the cello as his major subject. However, largely inspired by the classic music of his studies, he began to devote himself to other styles. He soon found he could indulge in all of rock music simply by playing bass guitar.

After working as a composer of jingles and image films, he began receiving requests to compose for television documentaries. From there, Andreas built an impressive musical resume creating completely new emotional worlds for Arte, ZDF, WDR and the History Channel. His music graces such productions as the “Sphinx – Children’s Crusade”, “ZDF Expedition – The Flood, “Myth or Truth”, “Terra X – Dive driving”, “The end of the Admiral Graf Spee “, and “The Essen Cathedral”. For the ballet, “The Neverending Story”, choreographed by Heidrun Schwaaz from Michael Ende’s book, Andreas wrote the musical score.

Presently, Andreas is composing the score for the feature film, Night Kill, by Stuart Land, a Thai language, supernatural thriller being shot in Thailand.

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