Welcoming Ghost – Naiyana Wachtel / นัยนา วัชเทล – รับบทผีสาว

Naiyana Wachtel - our ghost woman

Hi! I’m Naiyana Wachtel, and I play the Welcoming Ghost in Night Kill. I am Shan, born in Burma in 1980, but spent my childhood and teen years in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 1997 I moved to Australia to attend high school and university, where I graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Arts in Business. For most of my professional career, I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, then went on to own a multiple award-winning Thai Restaurant in Newcastle, Australia.

I moved back to Chiang Mai in 2013 to open the OVERSTAND CAFE in the “old city”, a now popular premiere eatery/coffee shop, with my husband and daughter. The food is exceptional, but what makes the cafe rather unique is that it doubles as an art gallery, showcasing Thai artists. You may learn all about Overstand here… “OVERSTAND CAFE”

I’ve always enjoyed singing and dancing and I’m excited to say that this role will be my acting debut.

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