Guest House Manager – Konglar Kanchanahoti / ก้องหล้า กาญจนโหติ-รับบท บวบ ผู้จัดการเกสต์เฮาส์

Konglar-Kanchanahoti-3-216x216The man behind the character of Bpawp, the wacky guest house manager, is accomplished actor of both stage and screen, Konglar Kanchanahoti. Khun Konglar has been everything from a property master to production manager, actor to stage manager, and producer to director. In one capacity or another, he’s graced the airwaves on every channel on Thai television.

The character Konglar plays in NIGHT KILL is a very odd guest house manager who keeps a special eye out for his guests, especially our young honeymoon couple.

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